Tips for the Yki Intermediate Writing Test

Are you preparing for your first Yki test or looking to improve your score? In this blog post, I will cover the main aspects of the Yki intermediate level writing test and provide tips on what to focus on.


Test Overview

The writing section lasts for 55 minutes and typically includes three different writing tasks. These tasks vary in topics and range from formal to informal tones. Each task comes with instructions and may include supplementary material that you should review before starting. For example, the material might be an email or another message to which you need to respond.

Assessment Criteria

The writing section is evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Comprehensibility: How understandable is your text?
  2. Naturalness of Language: How naturally do you use the language?
  3. Appropriateness of Tone: Does the tone of your writing suit the given situation?
  4. Grammar and Vocabulary: While grammar is important, the primary focus is on whether any grammatical errors impede understanding.

The intermediate level Yki test expects candidates to be able to move beyond concrete situations to slightly more abstract levels.

Types of Tasks

The tasks are provided in a task booklet, and your answers should be written in this booklet. There are two types of tasks:

  1. Title-Based Tasks: You will see a title, based on which you need to write a text. This type is often an opinion piece. Usually, you can choose between two titles, but you should write about only one.
  2. Guided Tasks: The task will describe the situation and indicate to whom you should write. You must follow all given instructions.

Common text types include invitations, messages, letters, opinions, complaints, and feedback.

Good to Know

  • All tasks are in the task booklet, and you can complete them in any order you prefer.
  • Don’t dawdle, as you only have 55 minutes to complete the section.

Important Reminders

  • Answer all the tasks!
  • Write legibly!
  • Write enough content!
  • Ensure you follow the instructions provided.
  • Check that your texts have a clear beginning and ending.

Things to Ensure

  • Appropriate Tone: The tone should match the situation. Use different language when writing to a friend compared to writing to a supervisor (e.g., message to a friend versus a workplace communication, using formal or informal Finnish as appropriate).
  • Diverse and Rich Language: Use a variety of sentence structures and a broad vocabulary, but avoid making your writing overly complex.
  • Don’t Fear Mistakes: The most important thing is that your text is understandable.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can approach the Yki intermediate level writing test with confidence and increase your chances of achieving a better score. Good luck!

Author`s note

My descriptions of the task types are indicative, and there may be variations in the exact format of the tasks. I have utilized current official sources for this information. For official further information on the YKI test, you can refer to the website: .

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