Private finnish lessons

Hello! I am an experienced and qualified Finnish language teacher with a strong background in education. I offer Finnish language lessons for both young and adult learners. Whether you are a beginner or already proficient in Finnish, I tailor the lessons individually based on your skill level.

The lessons cover various aspects of the Finnish language, including:

  • Writing
  • Reading fluency
  • Speaking and conversational skills
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary assessment
  • Support for study skills and strategies
  • Practice of specific professional vocabulary
  • Language proficiency assessment

I also provide homework assignments unless otherwise agreed upon. All lessons are conducted online, and you only need a computer, internet connection, and some time.

You can book a free introductory session by filling out the form. After the introductory session, you can choose to schedule more lessons. In the form, feel free to include any time preferences and specific goals or preferences regarding learning Finnish. Hope to see you soon!

Write what kind of lesson you are interested in and when would be the best time to start. Your teacher Riikka will contact you soon.